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Civil Litigation

Ocean City Civil Litigation Lawyers

Oliveri & Larsen provides solution-driven legal services for individuals, businesses, and communities across Maryland. We have a track record of achieving positive outcomes for clients in a wide range of industries and sectors.

We are more than just attorneys. We are advisors, negotiators, and partners working to help you achieve your goals. Our primary practices areas include business law, real estate litigation, and HOA/condominium law.

Business Law

Oliveri & Larsen protects the interests of small, mid-size, and large businesses through strategic counsel and representation in nearly all legal matters your business may encounter.

Disputes can stall the growth of your business and impact your brand. Business conflicts are often fraught with emotion because there is so much at stake both emotionally and financially. You do not want to make major decisions based on emotion.

It is wise to address any type of business dispute under the guidance of a lawyer. We will review your situation carefully and provide sound advice on your legal options. We offer an honest assessment of where you stand and recommend a practical course of action to move forward.

We oversee internal and external legal matters and advocate for you through mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and litigation when advised to protect your interests at every turn.

Scale Your Business: Risk Management and Strategic Planning

Growth is certainly exciting, but it does require analysis and planning to scale your venture mindfully and strategically. With a deep awareness of the ever-changing economic environment, we look ahead to identify and avoid risks and problems that can hinder your evolution as a business. We will safeguard your investment and empower you to pursue your professional goals and vision with confidence.

Real Estate Law

Every real estate transaction is inherently complex. Problems at any stage can sideline a deal and add time and costs to the process. State and local land use regulations can slow down your project.

Oliveri & Larsen represents residential and commercial clients in all aspects of real estate law to prevent added expenses and frustrating delays. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to manage any real estate challenge you may encounter.

Some of our clients in Maryland include builders, developers, homeowners, landlords, tenants, and sellers. We oversee and resolve matters related to contracts, closing documents, foreclosures, land development and use restrictions, and lien defense and enforcement.

Commercial and Residential Contracts of Sale: Avoid Setbacks With Superior Legal Guidance

Many common mistakes or oversights can potentially sink the sale of a residential or commercial property. With residential properties, there may be confusion over closing dates, appraisal issues, and financing problems. These obstacles can be overcome with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Commercial buyers and sellers typically have more complex matters to navigate. All parties must be clear about zoning use and compliance with all governing jurisdictions. They need to understand the appropriate environmental studies to complete based on the size, location, and type of property involved.

We do the due diligence necessary to protect your interests and stay complaint with the appropriate agencies and government bodies for a smooth and successful transaction. We will identify red flags and resolve issues in advance so you can move ahead with confidence knowing your investment is safe.

HOA, Community Association, and Condominium Law

Oliveri & Larsen also focuses on the legal services for community and condominium associations and HOAs throughout Maryland.

We believe our legal team sets the standard across the state. Our attorneys have been asked to conduct seminars, advise other legal professionals, and consult on matters for clients in other industries.

Our legal team is aware that many community associations operate under financial constraints. That is why we provide cost-effective legal representation to achieve a good outcome for you both in and out of the courtroom.

We aid in the formation of new associations and the expansion of existing associations through mergers, annexation, and land conversion. We prepare, amend, and interpret the association bylaws and covenants to prevent disputes and enforce violations.

Our attorneys also negotiate, review, and enforce any contracts with vendors hired to maintain, secure, or manage your property. Liens, claims, and foreclosures for delinquent assessments and other debts are also part of our real estate practice.

Superior Litigation for HOA and Condominium Associations

Some matters that involve HOAs and other community associations require litigation. Oliveri & Larsen is fully prepared to represent your interests in all Maryland state, federal trial, and appellate courts along with county, state, and federal agencies. These include but are not limited to local zoning boards, county commissioners, the Maryland Insurance Administration, and the Federal Communications Commission.

Oliveri & Larsen will take the time to understand your business, your sector, and your goals to provide custom legal solutions that meet all your needs.

Ocean City Civil Litigation Lawyers at Oliveri & Larsen Resolve Complex Business, Real Estate, and HOA Matters With Skill and Efficiency

Our Ocean City civil litigation lawyers at Oliveri & Larsen will provide premium legal representation for all your pressing matters. We are committed to delivering a positive outcome for you. Call us at 401-295-3000 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation. Located in Annapolis, Maryland, we serve clients in Ocean City, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Calvert County, Harford County, Howard County, Queen Anne’s County, St. Mary’s County, Worcester County, Kent County, and the upper and lower Eastern Shores of Maryland.

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