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Domestic Violence

Protective and Peace Orders

Domestic violence proceedings, otherwise known as protective orders, can have a major impact upon a family dynamic, and consequently, often significantly influence the outcome of domestic proceedings. Maryland law provides District and Circuit Court judges with significant authority to protect an individual from abuse, including, but not limited to stay-away orders, temporary custody of minor children and pets, emergency family maintenance, use and possession of homes and vehicles. 

Domestic violence proceedings proceed at a rapid pace compared to other types of litigation, especially domestic proceedings, and can result in a protective order in effect for a year or more. Given the effect and duration these proceedings can have on the family dynamic, understanding the nature and potential outcomes is critical.

Many assume that protective order and peace order proceedings are interchangeable, but they are not. Under Maryland law, only certain individuals, typically family members, are eligible for a protective order. Alternatively, only certain individuals are eligible for peace orders.

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