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Adoption is a brave and selfless method of caring for a child and expanding a family. People choose to adopt for many reasons, but adoption is rarely chosen spontaneously. Many couples pursue adoption following years of infertility struggles, while others adopt to add to a family already having biological children.

Regardless of the circumstances, the decision to pursue adoption is a significant one that is often carefully considered and planned, usually with the guidance of a seasoned adoption lawyer. At Oliveri & Larsen, our Annapolis adoption lawyers play a crucial role in this process. We are committed to finding loving, nurturing homes for children while addressing your unique needs. With our extensive knowledge, resources, and experience, we strive to provide the best adoption experience possible.

What Are the Legal Requirements for Adopting a Child in Annapolis?

Adoption is the legal process of establishing a new parent-child relationship. In Annapolis and throughout Maryland, almost any adult can adopt a child, provided they can ensure the child’s safety and welfare. Importantly, Maryland law is inclusive and does not discriminate against adoptive parents based on various factors such as marital status, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, citizenship status, or housing situation. If married, both spouses are required to file the adoption petition jointly.

The child’s birth parent or legal guardian must consent to the adoption, and the birth parent’s rights must be terminated before the adoption can be finalized. If the child to be adopted is 10 years or older, they must also consent to the adoption. In the case of one missing birth parent, a notice of the pending adoption must be published in the newspaper.

To adopt a foster child, you must be at least 21 years old, have sufficient financial means to provide for the child, and complete a minimum of 27 hours of training with the foster agency. Maryland’s foster care system has no marriage requirements, and you can be either homeowners or renters and have previous children or be first-time parents.

What Types of Adoptions Are Available in Maryland?

When adopting in Maryland, you have numerous options for the type of adoption you are looking for, the organization you prefer to work with, and the type of child you are most interested in, such as an infant, adolescent, or special needs child. The types of adoptions include:

You also have options for the type of post-adoption arrangement you prefer. Maryland recognizes three types, as follows:

What Is the Adoption Process in Maryland?

Maryland adoptions are fairly straightforward, provided you meet the requirements. The process can vary based on the type of adoption but generally involves:

An experienced Annapolis adoption lawyer can help you determine your preferred options and parenting goals, ensure that your petition and documents are properly prepared, advise you on the hearing, and help ensure a smooth process and that no important details are overlooked.

If you are adopting a child from another country, involving a lawyer with experience handling international adoptions is imperative. When a child enters the country, you must notify and complete the required documentation for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and Department of Homeland Security. The child’s home country often requires additional rules, including traveling to the birth country for an assessment before the government consents to the adoption.

With international adoption, an experienced Annapolis adoption lawyer can significantly assist with completing the process as properly, quickly, and smoothly as possible.

How Long Does Adoption Take?

The time involved depends on the type and particular circumstances of the adoption. Private adoptions can be a few months to a few years, and foster adoptions can take even longer.

What Does Adoption Cost?

Costs vary significantly based on the type of adoption and include the birth mother and infant’s medical expenses, adoption counseling, court costs, and legal fees. Private adoptions can cost up to and over $50,000.

What Are the Requirements to Place a Baby for Adoption?

There are no requirements other than working with a licensed adoption agency or adoption lawyer.

Can a Birth Parent Revoke an Adoption?

Yes, birth or adoptive parents can revoke consent within 30 days of signing the consent or filing the adoption petition. Birth or adoptive parents can also appeal a court’s granted or denied adoption petition. If either happens, you should contact an Annapolis adoption lawyer immediately.

Why Choose Oliveri & Larsen for Your Adoption Case

Oliveri & Larsen stands out as a premier choice for your adoption case due to our unparalleled commitment to professionalism, compassion, and experience in family law. With a track record of successful adoptions and satisfied clients, Oliveri & Larsen prioritizes the well-being of both the adoptive parents and the child, ensuring a smooth and legally sound process from start to finish. Our seasoned attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every case, offering personalized guidance and support to navigate the complexities of adoption law.Top of Form

Our Annapolis Adoption Lawyers at Oliveri & Larsen Help Children Find Loving, Nurturing Homes and Families

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