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Fathers Rights

Fathers’ Rights

Fathers’ Rights in Maryland

For a variety of reasons, domestic proceedings are often stigmatized as historically favoring women and prejudicial to men’s rights. Many men feel Courts offer their concerns little consideration and render inequitable and unfair judgments on custody, support, and property disposition. They also feel that courts disproportionally enforce the law upon them, while turning a blind eye to their spouse’s actions.

However, in modern society men have the same legal rights as their spouses. While courts may have historically favored granting custody of minor children to women, along with the marital home, significant financial assets, and other seemingly onerous relief to benefit the children, modern trends show that both parents have important roles to play in their children’s lives.

To enforce your rights in disputed proceedings, you need competent, knowledgeable, and practical legal representation. Once a Court renders judgment on marital and custody issues, it can be difficult to change the Court’s determinations.

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