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Elements of a Solid Employee Contract

Maryland Business Lawyers at Oliveri & Larsen Can Help Keep Your Employment Contracts Compliant.

Employee contracts are critical documents for any business or company. They outline essential information about the terms of employment, employee responsibilities, benefits, and dispute resolution. An employee contract protects both the employer and employee by setting clear expectations and obligations.

Employment contracts are legally binding and outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The contract is usually presented to the employee before they start work and is signed by both parties to indicate their acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms.

Here is what is often included.

Terms of Employment

The terms of employment are a vital component of an employee contract. This part of the contract outlines the start date, position, work schedule, hours of work, and compensation. The terms of employment offer a clear understanding between the employer and employee from the beginning of the relationship.

Employee Responsibilities

Employee responsibilities identify the duties and expectations associated with a position. This part of the contract details tasks, goals, and reporting responsibilities. It serves as a reference point to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits encompass insurance, vacation, sick leave, and other benefits that may be provided to the employee. This section of the contract outlines the benefits that an employee is eligible for and when they are available for use. Both parties need to understand the benefits offer to have clear expectations about what the employee is entitled to receive.


Inevitably, employees must take leave for various reasons, such as bereavement leave, sick leave, or for unexpected and last-minute reasons. The employment absence segment of the employee contract details the terms and circumstances under which an employee can take time off. It also outlines the process of approval for such leave, ensuring the company continues to function despite the employee’s absence.

Dispute Resolution

No employer wants conflict, but it is realistic to expect that disputes might arise. This part of the contract covers the resolution method to be applied in case of disagreements. If mediation or arbitration is required, the contract outlines procedures that must be followed to prevent long-term legal and financial difficulties.

Nondisclosure Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement

Employers often share confidential company information with employees. It is vital to include a nondisclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement in the employee contract. An agreement to protect company secrets and intellectual property ensures that sensitive aspects remain confidential.


The employee contract concludes with termination. This section outlines the circumstances in which employment may be terminated and details the steps that must be followed to end the employment relationship. It covers standard factors such as notice periods, severance pay, and legal obligations that both parties must comply with.

How a Contract Can Protect Both the Employer and Employee?

Having these elements included in an employee contract can provide benefits to both the employer and employee. The contract provides a clear understanding of expectations and what is required for both the employee and employer. It promotes and facilitates smooth communication among the parties and awareness of legal procedures to follow when certain situations arise. By outlining an employee’s responsibilities and benefits, the employer is also able to hold the employee accountable for their actions while also ensuring they are properly compensated.

Maryland Business Lawyers at Oliveri & Larsen Can Help Keep Your Employment Contracts Compliant

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